Honors students in Principles of Marketing spent this semester working on a challenging, hands-on project. They had to come up with a business and marketing plan for a new business that would target millennials—those born between 1980 and 1995.

To figure out what set millennials apart from other generations, they surveyed their fellow Suffolk students.

They discovered that millennials have many common (and sometimes controversial) characteristics. Millennials typically:

  • Use digital and social media regularly
  • Are content creators and users
  • Strive for healthy lifestyles
  • Are not a homogeneous cohort
  • Align to brands with a purpose
  • Seek peer affirmation

The students came up with several innovative business ideas, which they presented at a professional poster session at Suffolk.


This business idea combines millennials’ interest in health and social media. Motivmate allows gym goers to share their workouts with their social networks and offers discounts at places like b.good, City Sports, and Athleta.

Text Book Depot

Another group came up with textbookdepot.net, where students can trade and sell their used college text books for fair prices. The students have already purchased the domain name and plan to pilot the business with Suffolk students.

Case Swap

Case Swap is like Netflix for phone cases. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to rent different phone cases. This idea capitalizes on the sharing culture of millennials today.

Parent Pillow Plan

Another group found that millennials want to give back to their parents as a thank you for raising them and helping with college tuition. So the students came up with a unique investment plan that would essentially allow millennials to invest in their parents’ futures.

The students are currently working to patent their idea.

Recycling Reward

This on-campus recycling program offers incentives for recycling. Students would scan their Suffolk IDs when they recycled items in special bins around campus. The students would earn rewards points based on their recycling habits.

Whatcha Doin’

Millennials are social, digital, and eager to make connections with their peers. That’s where Whatcha Doin’ mobile app comes in. The app allows students to quickly find events that are happening at nearby colleges. They can buy tickets, share events with friends, and see who’s going to each event.

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