For Carou, the secret to an enriching life—both professionally and personally— is to constantly seek new experiences. And that mindset is what helped her land a globally focused internship at PUMA’s marketing and brand management department in Boston.

Acing the Interview

When Carou heard about the position at PUMA, she was immediately interested.

“It was exactly the type of internship I was looking for. I’m passionate about brand management, and I love learning about a brand’s relationship with consumers and the psychology behind it,” said Carou, a senior who’s earning a double major in marketing and global business, with a minor in advertising.

She submitted her resume right away, knowing it would be competitive. But what came next was unexpected. PUMA asked Carou to send a video of herself to Boston managers who were away on business trips in Germany and England. She had just a few days to develop her personal brand and market herself to complete strangers across the globe.

Carou’s video was a success, and PUMA hired her to work part-time during the fall and spring semesters.

“I think my international experience helped me stand out against other candidates,” said Carou, whose parents are from Argentina. In addition to traveling for fun, Carou has studied abroad for two semesters in London and Madrid. And she frequently volunteers abroad. Most recently, she spent a couple weeks in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, volunteering at a children’s day care. Before that, Carou, who’s fluent in Spanish, volunteered to teach first grade in Guatemala.

“Immersing yourself in new cultures teaches you so much about the world. It doesn’t matter what you plan to do for work—global experience can be life-changing,” she said.

What’s it Like to Work at PUMA?

“It’s amazing! The internship is very hands-on. I work directly with my supervisors for most of my projects, so I get a lot of personal feedback,” Carou said.

For instance, when her supervisor came back from China and Japan, Carou helped draft a report on PUMA’s Asian market. Carou read through transcripts, compiled research, edited copy, and added photos to the report.

She’s considered a valued member of the team and frequently sits in on meetings and conferences calls.
“I have been exposed to amazing professionals who have mentored me. They have taught me valuable international business skills. I really do learn something new every day,” Carou said.

Plans after Graduation

After interning at PUMA, Carou knows she’s going into the right field. “There’s no question—I know I want to work in global marketing. My goal is to find something that involves brand management and international travel,” Carou said.

Carou is set to graduate this May with honors.