Suffolk students are volunteering as tax advisers and helping low-income families make the most of their tax returns.

Working with Boston Cares, several Beta Alpha Psi students are each volunteering about 50-60 hours this tax season. And they'll be gaining practical, hands-on tax experience as they give back to the community.

To prepare, the students attended a two-day, 15-hour training program, where they learned how to use the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) software and earned their IRS basic tax preparation certificates.

Between their Suffolk coursework and EITC training, they’re well on their way to becoming professional tax advisers.

Ana Kapxhiu, a junior accounting student and Beta Alpha Psi reporting clerk, is especially confident in her tax knowledge.

“The EITC tax software does most of the work for you. But, thanks to my Federal Taxation class, I also know how to compute everything by hand. So I'm more than prepared for the program because I understand how the numbers work. I can actually provide explanations to clients, making it more interactive than just plugging in numbers.”

The experience also will help her stand out in the job market. “Not only am I gaining hands-on experience, but I'm also giving back to the community, which is something many firms look for now,” Kapxhiu said.

Nick Bonasoro, a junior accounting student and Beta Alpha Psi vice president is volunteering to help change people’s lives. “This program helps people get back the money they desperately need. Many people get upwards of $5,000, which could be used to pay for several months of rent or groceries for their families.”

So far it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience. “This program has made me grateful for all that I have and has made me happy because it’s a great way to give back to the community,” he said.