Nicole LatulippeLatulippe lives in Haverhill, Mass., and takes part-time classes at Suffolk’s North Campus, while working full-time at Cynosure, Inc. With a concentration in strategic management, she was able to showcase the skills she learned at Suffolk to impress her bosses and advance her career as associate product manager.

“The real-world experiences that I’ve been able to bring to these classes and discuss with my classmates have helped me come to great solutions for my real work issues. It’s also shown my dedication to my career. To be able to juggle both at one time has helped my skills shine through in my work. I also have a lot more confidence in certain situations than I have had in the past which definitely helped in pushing me through to the next level in my company,” she said.

As associate product manager for the aesthetic laser product line at Cynosure, Inc., Latulippe creates and updates product literature, generates leads through product promotions, attends industry tradeshows, researches customer needs, launches all marketing materials, and communicates with the sales team about any new products or product updates.

Why did She Choose the North Campus?

Latulippe attends Suffolk’s North Campus in located in Lawrence, Mass. She chose the North Campus to pursue her MBA because of “the small class sizes, the close-knit community, and the variety of concentrations to study,” she said.

“Specifically, the north campus has given me the ability to attend graduate school while having a full-time job. It is extremely difficult finding the time after work to attend classes, but with the north campus' convenient location and variety of weekend classes, I’m able to accomplish my degree without affecting my job."

Plans for the Future

After graduating from the program in 2016, Latulippe hopes to continue on the path of product management, and hopefully move into management. She is thoroughly enjoying her time and experience at Suffolk’s North Campus, and advises that if you are considering taking MBA classes here: “open up during your classes and enjoy sharing your experiences and participate in discussions, you will get so much more out of the whole program.”