Angela Cakridas: $10,000 cash, $15,000 services
Her All-In-One-Eye Makeup Tube has everything needed to apply eye makeup from eyeliner to shadow brushes.

Joel Edwards: $10,000 cash, $15,000 services
His product, called Fittus, is a mobile platform that allows gym members to find workout partners. The application will also help fitness professionals find and retain clients. The platform will also double as customer relationship management software that gym owners can use to review in-house trends and analytics.

Andres Giraldo: $9,000 cash, $16,000 services
Food Truck Stars is a mobile application for iPhone and Android users. It allows food truck owners to post their locations, schedule, menus, photos, and deals. This app will encourage customers to make impulse purchases because it is convenient and quick.

Trevor Young: $9,000 cash, $16,000 services
Boston Uncharted is a mobile app that includes uniquely styled maps filled with quality retailers and landmarks that an average tourist may not be able to find using traditional tourist maps/apps. The service provides local businesses a chance to grow their brands, customer base, and social media identities. Boston Uncharted’s goal is to become the source that travelers rely on to find the locally adored businesses, entertainments, and obscure historical facts (aka “hidden gems”).


Feizhen Dang
Auto Painter is a machine that paints walls automatically.

Ralitza Dountcheva, Kaitlyn Perkett, Gina Catinella, Rachel Brewster
The Parent Pillow Plan is a retirement fund enhancement tool: it's a merged idea of a 401(k) and a 529 college fund. The concept provides a padded cushion of stability for retirees by their children. These extra funds may be allocated for any needs the parents would see fit (e.g. medical expenses, leisure activities, etc.)

Bernie Gengel
Musibo is an innovative online music competition. Users are the judges, and prizes consist of record deals, cash prizes, and virtual perks. Users are able to upload and their own music, find band members, share songs with friends, follow DJs and artists, enter competitions, find gigs, vote on songs, explore new music, create playlists (share playlists), collaborate on songs, and purchase songs.

Robert Hartigan
SupEarior is a mobile application that helps beginner-to-intermediate musicians learn songs and improve their skills. The application would be an attempt at recreating the ear of an individual with “perfect pitch” and transforming it into a mobile application.

Kevin Hahn
Optigon is a 360-degree video recording device that captures an entire panoramic scene in high-definition. The custom camera is constructed by arranging multiple video cameras in a concentric pattern. Then, using advanced post-production software, the videos are stitched together to create a single, unified video file. This panoramic video is then displayed on a circular screen that surrounds a custom-designed projection apparatus. The projectors are connected to a computer with a commercial-grade graphics card with eight (or more) video outputs. Using software included with the graphics card to account for projector overlap, the images projected onto the circular surface will be blended together to produce a smooth, clean panorama.

Sequoia Varona
RISZE-Smart Case is a protective cover for cell phones, tablets, and laptops. It can be made from 100% recycled plastic or biodegradable plastic. This product is environmentally friendly and will help reduce the production and usage of plastic materials. If the cases are made from recycled materials, we will collect old cases when a new case is purchased, and will recycle all cases sent to us regardless of brand.