If you’re a Suffolk alum, chances are you remember Café Quattro. The local Italian restaurant—known for its thin-crust pizza and specialty sandwiches—was a staple among Suffolk students.

But in 2012, owner Evan Butland was forced to abruptly close shop when his new landlord sold the lease to a bigger restaurant.

“When the Beacon Hill location closed, it was devastating,” said Butland, who had spent seven years building the business and perfecting recipes. But he wasn’t ready to accept defeat. “I decided that day that I was not closing the business. I would relocate and start over,” he said.

Two years later, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. He and his original team recently found a new home in Boston’s South End. “As soon as I saw the new location, I knew it was the place. It's in a historic district, so we have all the character of old Boston, as well as a lot of new development nearby that’s bringing more residential and commercial life into the already busy area.”

With opening day slated for some time in April, Butland plans to bring back Café Quattro’s classic menus items and introduce some new dishes, including fresh pasta and homemade appetizers. “We’re also adding a live wall, where we’ll grow all our own herbs. The theme here is fresh, homemade everything,” he explained.

Butland admits that owning a business can be physically and mentally demanding, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. A Suffolk BSBA alum, Butland is passionate about food and always knew he would run a restaurant one day. “I started in the industry at the age of 14 and worked my way through the ranks. Something about it just clicked for me,” he said.

Perhaps the biggest business lesson he’s learned so far is to “always be prepared. Anything can happen. Even when you’re riding high, you have to be prepared in case things go the other way,” he said.

Butland and his team are looking forward to a fresh start. “What happened at our Beacon Hill location will just be a hiccup in the history of Cafe Quattro. We are all working very hard to build something great at our new location in the South End,” Butland said. He's launched a Kickstarter campaign to help jumpstart the new location.