For a high school student, choosing a major and deciding on a career path can be daunting. That’s why the Sawyer Business School and Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants teamed up to offer “High School Day” on March 27.

The event drew about 40 participants from nearby Boston high schools. Three panel discussions provided an introduction to the accounting field and its many career opportunities. Current undergraduate students in the Beta Alpha Psi Honor Society provided an inside look at Suffolk’s accounting major and answered questions about their unique Suffolk experiences.

“I was more than happy to share my experiences,” said Adrianna Garrett, a senior majoring in accounting and entrepreneurship. “Coming in, I was an undecided business major, and after my first few experiences with accounting, I was hooked. I know it's intimidating to decide what you want the rest of your professional life to focus on and any outside advice can be helpful,” she said.

Kristen Adams, a junior accounting student, thought the event was a fun way to introduce accounting. “There are many misconceptions about accounting as a major and as a career, so I hope the students were able to receive better insight on the subject,” she said.

Participants also had the chance to experience accounting first hand. They worked with faculty members on an ethics study.

“I was blown away at how eloquently some of the students presented. There were some very impressive candidates there who would do well in the Sawyer Business School,” said Garrett.