This semester, entrepreneurship students have been helping MBA alumni Jamie Manning and Adriano Varassin with their startup SnagaStool—the first and only app that lets you reserve your seat at the bar.

As a burgeoning startup, SnagaStool was looking for new and innovative ways to add value to the business. “I always appreciate different perspectives, and we thought the students would have a unique perspective about the Boston bar scene,” said Manning.

The students broke off into two groups. One team is refining SnagaStool’s marketing strategy and looking for ways to increase visibility and consumer engagement on social media. After doing field research to gain insight about SnagaStool’s target market, they created a blog and new social media accounts, which they have been managing all semester.

The second group is working on a business development plan. “They’ve been reaching out to new venues to offer the SnagaStool service and testing new ways to offer the service, such as pre-paying a cover charge rather than reserving bar stools,” Manning said.

The students are also pitching unique SnagaStool-sponsored events, such as arcade night, spelling bees, golf putting contests, and concerts, to the bars. So far, they’ve been successful. On April 19, SnagaStool will host its first spelling bee at the 21st Amendment. And it won’t be your ordinary spelling bee night—participants will face unique challenges like spelling words backwards, and they’ll be allowed to collaborate on teams.

“I am really impressed with their drive and passion to add value to snagastool. They are coming up with solutions that we haven't thought of yet. They are ambitious, and we are impressed with their wide range of solutions, as well as actually implementing some of them,” said Manning.

The students will formally pitch their ideas to Manning and Varassin at the end of the semester.