Joshua Boyce, Matt Thomas—Green Product Award

The Drop-In app is a new way to purchase water through partnerships with local businesses.

Eda Kazancioglu, Esra Sorusbay—Green Product Award

Cook-E provides fresh cookies. Vending machines are located at key spots. Orders are placed via cell phone, and the cookies are freshly baked by the time you arrive.

John Mensch—Sophomore-Senior Award

The Renegade Wristband is a lightweight, easy-to-use, one-time survival kit for service providers.

Ryan Pantaleo, Tucker Matheson—Sophomore-Senior Award

Nutrishots are push-shake drink products that are available in a small cap and dispenser. All ingredients remain separated until time of use.

Gent Puto—Graduate Student Award

Heating Plaster is used to treat punctures from jellies and other marine animals.

Kaitlyn Tanyer—Freshman Award

The Dual Laptop Storage-Case provides storage space for papers, notebooks, and pencils. It features a snap-on, plastic shell that’s scratch-proof and attaches to the outside of laptop.

Aisha Ummokhayr Usman—Frugal Innovation Award

E-Sterilizer can sterilize airborne infections, thereby preventing the spread of diseases like SARS and Influenza.

  • Finalists

    Hazem Alnajar
    EDRIS is a mobile app that connects students with tutors. It includes a range of prices and education levels.

    Isabella DiVallimosa
    Bella is a single tube that contains lipstick, mascara, blush, and eyeliners. It fits inside small bags and is perfect for traveling.

    Ralitza Dountcheva
    Social Genome would be the first empirical database to map the genetic coding of the ridges of social and economic inequality.

    Andrea Gonzalez, Danielle Buchannon
    SAYF Self Protection Device is a GPS tracking device that attaches to jewelry or clothing. This device then syncs with a mobile app, allowing emergency contacts to locate the person.

    Stephen Hopkins
    Metropolitan Society is an E-shop that acts as third-party platform to connect artists and interested consumers.

    Jonathan Huang
    Yum Yum Pix is a food concierge app that makes food recommendations based on the customer’s purchasing and browsing history.

    Rebecca Oliviera and team
    Fresh pHood is a sticker system that warns you as your food begins the spoiling process.