On October 15, women leaders came together for a one-day career lab focusing on work-life integration.

The event, co-hosted by Suffolk’s Center for Innovation & Change Leadership and the CIO Executive Council, featured a combination of skills-based workshops, panel discussions, coaching sessions, and virtual training.

Suffolk Professor Jodi Detjen challenged participants to shift their mindsets. Women tend to make assumptions that end up limiting their career growth, Professor Detjen explained during the career lab with Kelly Watson. The two co-authored The Orange Line™ - A Women’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life, which found that most women feel constrained by outdated and unrealistic ideals.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have it all—a life that integrates work and family without sacrifice. Some of their tips included:

  1. Change your mindset about power—Women are socialized to not own their power. Too often, women wait until they are 100% ready before putting themselves forward. They assume their pay is equal to others, when it rarely is. Owning your power opens up career possibilities.
  2. Stop trying to be perfect—no one is. Devote more time to important tasks, and stop obsessing over little things. It’ll free up your creative energy to think bigger.
  3. Be a self-advocate—Good things don’t always come to those who wait. Take responsibility and say what you need, want, and deserve.

The panel discussion focused on women’s issues in the workplaces and featured:

  • Lee Filipe, Deputy Director of Information Technology at Massachusetts Port Authority
  • Tiffany Hu, VP of the Regulatory Strategy & Execution at State Street Global Advisors and Director of Women's Initiatives at the National Association of Asian American Professionals
  • Christopher Roussin, Director of Academics and Research of the Simulator Program at Boston Children's Hospital.

The event ended with a networking reception and book signing at the Highball Lounge.