One of the top accounting journals for teachers—Issues in Accounting Education—has appointed two Suffolk faculty members to serve on its Editorial Advisory and Review Board. Acting Chair and Director of the MSA Program Tracey Riley and Assistant Professor Anne Schnader will serve on the board for two years.

Issues in Accounting Education is one of the three primary publications of the American Accounting Association. The journal publishes research, commentaries, and instructional resources that help accounting faculty with teaching.

Both Professor Riley and Professor Schnader are actively engaged in accounting research. Professor Riley’s main area of expertise is in accounting communication and linguistics. She is particularly interested in how corporate executives manage investors’ perceptions through strategic word choices in financial narratives. And in 2015, she won Outstanding Author Contribution in the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence for her research on communication apprehension in accounting students. Her current work aims to identify the most important written communication skills for accountants.

Professor Schnader’s research interests include internal controls in the broker-dealer industry, taxation, bankruptcy, investor sentiment, and the relationship between financial disclosure and societal values. In addition to teaching and conducting research, Professor Schnader also serves as education chair for the Public Interest section of the American Accounting Association and is an associate editor of Accounting and the Public Interest.