Suffolk’s third-annual Art Week started Monday, with more than 50 pieces of student artwork displayed across most campus buildings, including 73 Tremont, 20 Somerset, One Beacon, and Sargent Hall.

The event is hosted by students in two very different classes—the Sawyer Business School’s Project Management course and the New England School of Art & Design’s (NESAD) Integrated Studio II course.

The NESAD students created three-dimensional sculptures using non-traditional art materials, such as disposable spoons, ice cream cones, cups, straws, paper, light bulbs, string, CDs, and glue guns. Meanwhile, the business students coordinated the weeklong installation, which included finding locations for the art; developing a marketing plan; and planning transportation, risk management, installation, and de-installation.

“It’s been an exciting challenge,” said BSBA senior Muhammad Kalthoum, who played a big role in setting up the event. “It’s showed me that working with big group of people is not an easy task. But it is doable with proper project management skills,” he added.

BSBA student Valeria Mueller agreed. “Being part of the Suffolk Art Week project has been a great hands-on learning opportunity. Applying the skills and techniques that we learn at the Sawyer Business School to a real-world scenario allows us to not only identify our personal strengths and areas of improvement, but also further develop them,” she said.

Bria Hughes, a first-year NESAD student, enjoyed working in teams. “It’s been a great experience being introduced to collaborative work as a freshman—not only with our art peers, but the business students as well!”

You can share photos of the artwork with the hashtag #SUArtWeek, and you can vote for your favorite piece online. All voters will be entered to win one of five $10 Amazon gift cards. And the winning NESAD group will receive a prize valued at $100.