Jennifer Bendfeldt enrolled in Suffolk’s Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) Program to advance her career.

With an undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics, Bendfeldt spent three years as a dietary technician in Nebraska. After gaining clinical experience in the healthcare industry, Bendfeldt realized she wanted to learn more about healthcare from a business perspective. “I knew that understanding how the industry functions from different angles would be incredibly beneficial to me, no matter what path in healthcare I chose,” she said.

She began looking at graduate schools in Boston, a city renowned for its world-class universities and cutting-edge medical centers. “I wanted to come to Boston, because what happens here often sets the tone for the rest of the nation, and that in itself is exciting,” she said. Suffolk University quickly became her top choice.

“Suffolk University was ideal because it’s integrated with the healthcare community,” Bendfeldt said. The Healthcare Programs offer a wide array of internships and mentorship opportunities, enabling students to gain hands-on experience in the field. “This isn’t just a place to go to school. This is really a place to develop yourself outside of the classroom as well,” said Bendfeldt, who took advantage of both the internship and mentorship programs.

During her second year of graduate school, Bendfeldt completed a three-month internship in ambulatory operations at Tufts Medical Center. The real-world experience gave her confidence and reaffirmed her decision to switch career tracks.

After her internship, she was offered a part-time position as an ambulatory operations project coordinator, where she helped develop, implement, and maintain improvement initiatives that supported ambulatory operations. After graduation, she accepted a full-time position as an electronic health records (EHR) analyst at Tufts. Today, she is a manager at ECG Management Consultants, Inc.

The connections Bendfeldt made through Suffolk span many realms of the healthcare field and have proved to be long-lasting. And she is giving back to Suffolk’s Healthcare Programs by mentoring students and serving as a guest speaker on campus.