When graduate student speaker Thomas Busby entered Suffolk’s MBA program, he had a degree in philosophy and experience in the non-profit and education sectors.

“As you might imagine, much of what I encountered was new to me. Socrates never discussed a diversified investment portfolio or discounted cash flow model. And at the Y, we rarely discussed our EPS,” he joked.

Busby, like many Suffolk students, quickly found a mentor among Suffolk faculty. Accounting Professor Ariel Markelevich was encouraging and offered vital guidance to help him shift career paths. When Busby landed a major interview for a position at the prominent investment bank Outcome Capital, Markelevich was instrumental in helping him prepare. Busby ultimately landed the position, which proved to be “life-changing.” Busby remembers he was “overcome with gratitude.”

Upon reflecting on the opportunities that Suffolk afforded him, Busby encouraged his fellow graduates to pay it forward. “Mindful of the advantages and opportunities that others have given us, let us carry this responsibility and do for others the same as they have done for us. Let us guide others with the same magnanimity others have shown for us.”

For Busby, who is also an undergraduate alumnus, Suffolk will always be a part of his life. Currently, he serves as a member on the Alumni Boards of Directors for the College of Arts & Sciences and as a member of the Young Alumni Advisory Board for the Sawyer Business School. He feels a strong duty to give back to others.

“We are empowered. We are influential. And we are equipped with the tools to help others.”