Chuck Gibson has a whole boatload of business ideas.

“All my friends kind of know me for this,” he laughs. “I have this section on my phone that I call ‘Million Dollar Ideas.’”

So he entered the crowd funding class well prepared to come up with something fantastic to launch on Kickstarter. His choice? The Wicked Fisha, a tackle box-cum-cooler for the dedicated weekend fisherman who wants,  according to the product description, “to enjoy a (few) cold beverages during a fishing trip but only has two hands to lug it all.”

Chuck may be a good fisherman. In fact, during the summer he goes out several times a week. But he’s not an engineer. And figuring out how to build a prototype for the Wicked Fisha—a plastic container that measures about 1.5’ x 1.5’ x 1’—has been the biggest hurdle to get over.

“The first step is getting someone to design it on CAD software to be able to even make a model,” says Chuck. “Our first idea was to 3D print it, but it's too big. The next step is to reach out to a company that already makes a product similar to it. Otherwise, we'd have to invest in a production mold, which for a product my size can range anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000.”

Despite all these complications, Chuck is optimistic—and determined. In fact, even though he’s already more than 50% funded, he’s still working hard to get the word out to friends, acquaintances, and anyone he can think of.

“I am literally texting everyone I can, just asking if they've heard of the campaign. To go check it out and just share it on social media, share it with their family, with anyone who knows me or wants to support one of their friends in a business venture.”

Any setbacks with that approach?

Chuck laughs again, “This morning I got blocked on Facebook because I've been contacting so many people through their inboxes.”

Which means Chuck has given a whole new meaning to the concept of phishing.