Where do great ideas for startups come from? For James Testa, it was a motorcycle accident.

While recovering from a serious crash, James needed protein supplements to help his body rebuild muscle mass. The experience got him thinking: there had to be an easier and more consistent way to get protein into his system. Instead of drinking sludgy shakes, James thought that adding protein to an easily consumable beverage like coffee would be much more user-friendly. And that thought lead to his crowd funding idea: WarmUp Protein Coffee.

For James, the process of putting together a business plan, figuring out a logo, trade marking his idea, filming a video, and launching on Kickstarter has made for an all-consuming fall. As he quickly found out: it takes a village. And he was able to tap into the many resources available at Suffolk, including the Law School’s IP Clinic and RamCam Productions.

“Even though it's our business, at the end of the day we wouldn't be able to launch on Kickstarter if we didn't have the video people,” James says. “We wouldn't be able to get trademarks as easily if we didn't have the Law School people. I think that's awesome, to see how positive everyone was and how willing everybody was to help. That's something I didn't expect at all.”

What’s interesting about the Crowd Funding class is that while everyone has the same goal—launching their Next Big Thing—each of the projects is so different that the students aren’t really competing with each other and, in fact, are eager to support one another.

“I think that's the best part about the class,” James says. “You're not the minority in that classroom. You're the majority. Everybody is thinking the same way as you. Everybody is trying to do something similar. And now we're all ready to launch together. We take pride in each other and want each other to succeed.”