Sara Maloney BA ’18
Buddha Bus Yoga

Sara Maloney's crowdfunding concept was to bring a fully equipped yoga studio to places that don’t have the space, equipment, or ability to run their own yoga classes—locations like offices, college campuses, and community centers. She called it Buddha Bus Yoga.

After a solid funding stage, she now has dozens of yoga mats, a corporate card, and a wide variety of clients, including Life Is Good, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and Keryx Biopharmaceuticals. She’s even giving private lessons on the Esplanade. And she’s doing it all while completing her senior year at Suffolk.

“It is extremely challenging, but the reward is immense,” says Maloney. “There is nothing that compares to seeing people close our sessions together feeling a little calmer, brighter, or happier. That is why I do what I do, and the more I get to see that transformation in the people I meet, the closer I am to fulfilling Buddha Bus' mission.”

James Testa BSBA ’17
WarmUp Coffee

While recovering from a serious accident, James Testa needed protein supplements to help his body rebuild muscle mass. The experience got him thinking: There had to be an easier and more consistent way to get protein into his system. Instead of drinking sludgy shakes, Testa thought that adding protein to an easily consumable beverage like coffee would be much more user-friendly. And that led to WarmUp Coffee.

Over the past year, Testa has had considerable success with his venture. He’s been sponsoring events, getting press from Fox News and BostInno, convincing gyms to stock and serve his product, and winning pitch competitions for more funding. Perhaps most impressive of all, he’s going to launch on Amazon this fall.

That’s pretty heady stuff for someone who’s only just graduated from college. But Testa feels like he’s right where he should be.

“When I first started the class, my goal was to set up a successful business and give it my all,” he says. “I’ve learned that, in business, things always take longer than you plan for them to. You need to constantly get around obstacles and face setbacks. But this is exactly where I saw myself: In the process of growing my business and making it as successful as possible.”