In an increasingly globalized business climate, Dr. Carlos Rufin is tasked with making sure Suffolk business students enter the workforce as well-traveled, multicultural citizens.

As director of undergraduate international programs, Rufin oversees the Global Travel Seminars, which place groups of students in challenging and enlightening business contexts abroad. But Rufin says that even while studying in Boston, students are exposed to a global curriculum taught by a faculty from around the world.

“In my own department, the exceptions are the people from the U.S., not the other way around,” says Rufin, a¬†Spanish native who also serves as associate professor of strategy and international business.

Rufin teaches several popular international business courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He also advises Suffolk’s International Business Club, a student-run group that provides practical, multicultural experiences and networking opportunities for Sawyer Business School students.

“What is most exciting about the club is to see how the students are taking their own initiative to complement their classroom learning with the rich resources of the Boston area,” Rufin says, “and that this enthusiasm is being transmitted across time as new students join in.”

Like many other members of the Suffolk faculty, Rufin’s classroom engagement is heavily informed by his academic research. His research and consultation with companies, governments, and other stakeholders on privatization and regulation figures heavily into the design of one of his master’s classes, The Strategic Context of International Business.

And with his deep knowledge of Brazil and study of energy access in its sprawling informal communities, Rufin’s annual Global Travel Seminar to Brazil gives Suffolk students life-changing access to Brazil’s growing and changing business community. And when a student lands a great job upon graduation, Rufin knows these Suffolk experiences have made an impact.

“When a former student writes me to let me know about their new job,” he says, “I can sense in their words their pride at seeing how their hard work is paying off in the form of opportunities they probably had not even envisaged when they started at Suffolk.”


Director of Undergraduate International Programs
Associate Professor of Strategy and International Business
Phone: 617.570.4897
Fax: 617.994.6840
Office: Sawyer Building, Rm. 670

Areas of Expertise

  • Political economy of privatization and organization
  • Management of political and regulatory risk
  • Business influence on public policy
  • Regulations of private business activity
  • International business


PhD, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
MA, Columbia University
BA, Princeton University


English and Spanish