Accounting has a reputation as a dry, boring profession. The goal for Ariel Markelevich, associate professor of accounting, is to bust this myth by showing students how accounting impacts their everyday life and work.

“The reason I chose to teach non-accounting majors is because I am excited about the ‘a-ha moment’ in which a student may realize this is actually useful stuff,” Markelevich says. “I have these conversations every semester and that is what keeps me going and fills me with energy and desire to keep on teaching.”

Some of those conversations have resulted in what Markelevich calls “conversions” – a student changing his or her major to accounting after taking his class.

“It is amazing to have such an impact on a student’s life,” he says.

Born in Chile and raised in Israel, Markelevich also teaches accounting to graduate students and serves as director of the Structured Data Lab at Suffolk’s Center for Business Complexity. The lab, in collaboration with the other labs, (customer engagement, network science, and usability for design) focuses on how organizing data in a specific structure can help businesses deal with the complexity and interconnectedness of global business in the 21st Century.

Specifically, his research and worldwide collaborations focus on XBRL, which is a data entry without the word entry. XBRL is a markup language that is used to structure data format used for companies to file financial statements with regulators. Markelevich is a member of the XBRL International Certification Board, and he is part of the Communications & Services Steering Committee for XBRL US.

His paper on fraud in financial statements and fees paid to auditors has been selected for publication in Contemporary Accounting Research, a prestigious accounting journal.


Associate Professor of Accounting
Phone: 617.305.2713
Fax: 617.994.4260
Office: 73 Tremont St., Rm. 1053

Areas of Expertise

  • XBRL and International Financail Reputation Standards
  • Auditing Specializing in Audit Fees, and Qualtiy of Audits
  • Motives for Acquisition and Impact on the Transaction 


PhD, City University of New York
MS, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
BA, The Open University, Israel