Two years ago, Kathryn Gabriele was working as a research assistant for Prof. Brenda Bond and an employee of the Moakley Center for Public Management while working toward her master’s in public administration from Suffolk. 

Fast-forward a year. Gabriele is now a policy analyst in the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, where she and her team recently stood before the state’s Education Commissioner and pitched a new initiative for his consideration. The idea – to include student and staff feedback in educator evaluation – is now being applied statewide, and Gabriele is leading the effort. 

“My presentation to the Commissioner convinced him that our team’s proposed project path was practical, innovative, cost effective, supported and based in current research,” says Gabriele, whose responsibilities also includes assisting districts implement various grant-funded projects. “When we left his office, I was convinced my team and I were doing meaningful work on behalf of Massachusetts educators.” 

Gabriele is also convinced her master’s experience at Suffolk is benefitting her today in untold ways. In fact, she calls the decision to enroll in the MPA program “one of the best choices I’ve made.” 

She points to the MPA mentor program as helping her establish meaningful relationships with Suffolk alumni currently working in the field. 

“Thanks to Suffolk,” she says, “I am now part of a large, national professional network.”