accelerated leadership course

Two Days to Power-Up

Leadership doesn't just happen from the top-down. It occurs at every level of every organization.

Start building the leadership and interpersonal skills you need to collaborate with others toward shared goals.

With this two-day certificate program, you'll learn how to lead across organizations. You'll also practice new leadership styles that can be tailored and applied to your workplace.



Day 1: Leadership and Teamwork

  • Identify your values as a leader
  • Learn different approaches to effectively lead others
  • Effectively create and motivate teams to build trust and identity
  • Manage team processes to achieve high performance
  • Participate in a team-based experiential exercise
  • Evaluate and reflect on your leadership approach

Day 2: Managing Relationships and Driving Change

  • Understand the power of choice and personal responsibility
  • Create and practice approaches to manage difficult conversations
  • Translate these approaches to how you “manage up”
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback
  • Understand and apply change models to initiate change in your organization
  • Identify constraints to change and levers to reduce resistance to change
  • Evaluate and reflect on your leadership approach


Jodi Detjen
Instructor of Management and Entrepreneurship

Professor Detjen is the co-founder of a boutique consulting firm called InTrinsic Group. She helps organizations leverage their existing employees and processes to maximize effectiveness and long-term strategic impact. She is also the co-author of The Orange Line: A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family, and Life.

Previously, Professor Detjen worked in London, England, in international management with Global 1000 clients on large-scale organizational change.

Tammy MacLean
Director, Center for Executive Education
Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship

Professor MacLean specializes in leading change. Her areas of expertise include organizational behavior, business ethics, and managing diversity.

Regina O'Neill
Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship

Professor O’Neill specializes in career development and mentorship. She teaches Effective Career Planning and studies mentoring relationships and gender issues in the workplace.

Sheila Webber
Chair, Management and Entrepreneurship Department
Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship

Professor Weber studies teamwork, project leadership, service innovation, and trust. Her consulting experience includes teamwork, leadership development, management assessment and development centers, 360-degree feedback, and individual coaching. She has presented more than 30 papers at numerous conferences, including the Academy of Management and Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology.