This course gives you the opportunity to experience public affairs in Ireland, a nation with many similarities and close ties to Massachusetts, but important distinctions. You will understand Ireland and the economic and political challenges that it faces in the context of the European Union and global economy. This course can be tailored to your own policy interests, with students from prior years working on projects related to a wide range of public policy and management issues, including trade rules, healthcare, tax policy, public safety, education, labor standards, disability policy, and many more.

What to Expect:

  • Partake in a direct, on-site experience to develop familiarity with Irish society and Irish public policy and administration.
  • Understand Ireland and the critical issues facing the country. Learn the basics of Irish politics, culture, and history.
  • Gain knowledge about Irish public policy and management issues, including public sector trends, disability policy, economic development and other areas of students’ interest.
  • Enjoy a sampling of Irish cultural and social experiences, in both Dublin and Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Course fee: TBA 
Scholarships are available!