All accounting majors are required to complete 150 hours of pre-professional or professional accounting or tax experience prior to graduating. The hours may be obtained through one or more accounting or tax (a) internships, (b) part or full-time jobs, or (c) cooperative education positions. Hours may also be obtained through participation in Suffolk's Free Tax Preparation Clinic (SBS 555, SBS 556, and SBS 557 - each year will earn students 50 hours). Approval of the 150 hours work experience must be obtained in advance of beginning the work by completing a Practicum Approval Form and emailing it to Students register for the Accounting Practicum upon completion of the 150 hours and approval by the Accounting Department. Students should journal their work tasks and accomplishments. This experiential component carries no academic credit, does not require any tuition, and will be graded pass/fail.

Please email for more information.