Bob Anderson, Director Customer Relationship Marketing, The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company

John Bergdoll, Sustainability Strategist, All Creative Solutions

Jeff Bonasia, Acting Marketing Chief at UFood Grill, Managing Partner - Fuel America

Andres Bruna

Paul Burani, Senior Account Executive, Google

Mark Busny, Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Tofias, P.C.

Robert D. Carson, Partner Transworld Systems, Inc.

Nick Carter, Sales Specialist, PlaneSense; Alpha Flying, Inc.

Emilio Cassano, Program Coordinator, Genzyme

Bill Clifford, Director of Strategic Alliances Programming Investments, National Cable Communications Patrick Coelho, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer,

Derek Coward

Michael Dalton, Global Vice Presidence of Marketing, Smiths Detection Diagnostics

Brian Dowd, Director of Global Marketing, Covidien Advanced Wound Care

James Doyle

Giuseppe Fornaro, Assistant Vice President; Manager II, Bank of America

Glenn N. Francis, Senior Vice President, Citigroup

James M. Freehling, Brookhaven at Lexington Jill S. Gabbe, Owner, Gabbe Group

Jennifer Gammon

Michael Hackel, CEO/Founder, DiningIn

Lisa Klett, Director of Marketing, Eduventures

Thomas Kurz, Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, Themis Group, Inc.

David Lanci

Richard E. Lockhart, CEO, Lockhart Communications

Jodi Long

Teresa Lynch, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

Larry Marchese, President, Castle Shore Communications

Robert McCullough

Kyle MacQueen, Marketing Content Coordinator, Puma

Gary Mucica

Jerry O’Connor, Vice President Marketing, Nokona Sports Equipment

Lou Orsatti

Ash Patil, Assistant Professor, Boston College- Carroll School of Management

Rachel Pelkey, Softmedia, Inc.

Christine Quern, Vice President of Marketing Communications, Feinstein Kean Healthcare

Lu Ann Reeb, Co-founder, Skyways Communications

Dennis Riley, President and Owner, Softmedia, Inc.

Jorge Riveras, International Sales Manager, Spectro, Inc.; Industrial Tribology Systems

Sean Roach, Director of Product Development, Rise Interactive

Ameeta Soni, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, VFA, Inc.

Richard Sparacio, Maid Pro

Donald St. Sauveur

Anthony Tierno, Cavendish Farms

Michael Vlasak

Maggie Wells, General Manager, Big Top