All finance majors must complete 150 hours of finance-related work before graduating. The FIN 560 Experiential Component is a non-credit requirement that includes internships and full- or part-time employment. It is graded pass/fail and does not require tuition.

Learn about internship and job opportunities at one of our information sessions. You will get email invitations throughout the year. You can also search our internship database or visit our Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education for guidance.

Before you start working, you need to get approval from one of the FIN 560 faculty coordinators. Email them a brief job description to make sure it meets our finance requirements.

Once your position is approved by a faculty coordinator, register for the FIN 560 course. Fill out an Add Course form and have it signed by one of the faculty coordinators.

After your 150 hours of work is complete, your supervisor will fill out the FIN 560 Form and send it to Professor Ying Becker. The form is due by the last day of final exams during the semester your hours were completed.