Our curriculum targets management, administration, and policy, all under the central topic of leadership. In our Master of Public Administration (MPA) or undergraduate minor in Public Service programs, you learn to:

  • become a leader and a catalyst for positive change;
  • embody the democratic values of inclusion, egalitarianism, and respect for diversity;
  • become a leader who inspires and empowers people to address societal problems;
  • mobilize, engage in, and facilitate a collaborative problem solving process;
  • optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery systems.

We’ve placed students in management and leadership positions in federal, state, and local government agencies; nonprofits; and private sector organizations. Our students have also become President Management Fellows and received Rappaport Public Policy awards, in competition with students from Harvard, Brandeis, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

Whether you are new to public service or already in the field and ready for more senior positions of leadership, our programs pave the way to careers that make a difference.