Research objectives of CICL are:

  • Conduct timely, relevant research onemerging issues related to “Innovation and Change Leadership”
  • Disseminate research findings to the academic community, industry practitioners, and government policy makers.

The Center’s scholars are currently engaging in academic research related to the following broad themes:

  • Discovering and disseminating ”best practices” for innovation and change leadership
  • Bridging the gap between innovation and change leadership theory and practice
  • Promoting more open systems of innovation and change

Working Paper Series

These working papers are authored or co-authored by CICL-affiliated faculty. The papers address scholarly treatments of innovation or change management from a variety of disciplines and perspectives. For permission to reproduce or to request a copy, contact an author directly at the email address provided.


The Xerox P&G Co-Innovation Partnership: Genesis and Initial Formation

Robert DeFillippi, Colette Dumas, and Sushil Bhatia

Summary: The case focuses on the genesis and evolution of the Xerox P&G co-innovation partnership. The authors discuss how the Xerox-P&G relationship grew from a standard outsourcing relation (Xerox the managed print services vendor and P&G the customer) into a much more strategically interdependent co-innovation partnership. The paper also examines specific co-innovation practices of the partnership, including the role of Xerox's dreaming sessions with their partners, and the design and operating practices of an innovation council to foster a collaborative culture across both organizations (Xerox and P&G).