A background in Strategy and International Business opens the door to many career opportunities. Our alumni become leaders in global organizations, such as Boston Brown Corporation, Liberty Mutual, Touraine Travel, TVM Capital, the US Coast Guard, and the US Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Take a Look at What Some of our Alumni are Doing

International Finance

Bill Dobson (BSBA ’86) runs Thailand’s largest operator of fitness, yoga, and wellness centers—California WOW Xperience in Bangkok. As the executive vice president, chief financial officer, and company secretary, Dobson was recruited in 2005 to corporatize the company and prepare for its listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

What’s his advice? “Each country and its culture are different. What works in the west may not work in the east and vice versa. People are very proud of their culture and heritage, which you must be respectful of at all times. I’ve learned to adapt my leadership style to gain trust and acceptance from my working colleagues, customers, and partners,” Dobson said.

Supply Chain Management

Cecilia Danielsson (MBA ’02) plays an integral role for Nestlé, one of the largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies in the world. As head of Nestlé Nordic Finance Supply Chain Controlling in Copenhagen, Denmark, she helps improve company’s efficiency.

Suffolk prepared her for a career in global business. “I was exposed to many different cultures in my classes, and I made friends from all over the world—many of which I still have contact with. At Nestlé Nordic, we are more than 15 different nationalities within Finance and four different nationalities in my team.”


US Merchant Marine Officer Christine Isakson, Global MBA ’08, knows a few things about leadership. Navigating ships and carting cargo around the world are not everyday activities for most people. But for Isakson, it was her job. “That hands-on experience of being a crucial cog in the great economic machine has been priceless,” she said. “It continues to give me unique insights in my research.”

Isakson is completing a PhD in Economics and Management at Copenhagen Business School, where she was offered a PhD Fellowship in the Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics during an internship at a consulting firm in Copenhagen, Denmark. “Broadly, I am interested in labor mobility as it relates to innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Coming from industry, Isakson is finding her way in academia with help from her Suffolk professors. “I feel so fortunate to have strong ties in both the US and European academic communities. While the scholars at the Sawyer Business School have already taught me the language of business, they continue to be there as supportive mentors as I learn the language of academia.”