Our Strategy and International Business faculty are diverse—professionally and culturally. Through their experience and research, they stay on top of the latest developments in global business and pass that knowledge onto you. Many are from countries abroad, bringing unique insights from Albania, Canada, Germany, Guadalupe, India, Spain, Taiwan and beyond into the classroom.

Faculty office hours are posted on course syllabi. For more information, please email your professor directly.

Full-Time Faculty


Sotiris Angelakis
BA, Boston College
GMBA, Suffolk University

Pedro Arce
BA, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
MA, Cambridge College
MS, Boston University

Ayman Ashour
BSc University of Manchester

Thomas Aylward
BA, Merrimack College
MBA, Hofstra University

James Barrow
BS, Indiana University
MS, Pepperdine University

Svetlana Caron Belousova
BS, MS, Moscow Regional State University
MBA, Suffolk University

Anne Brensley
BA, Geneseo College
JD, Suffolk University

Eric Curtis
BS, Norwich University
MBA, Suffolk University

Len Guida
BS, Boston College
MBA, Suffolk University

R. Chad Huemme
BS, Southland University
MBA, Northeastern University

L. Francois Konga
BA, Free University of Brussells
MA, Boston University

Randi Purchia
BA, Elmira College
MBA, New York University
MPA, Harvard University

Anna Revette
BA, Siena College
MA, PhD, Northeastern University


Michael Arthur

Robert DeFillippi