General Meetings

Thursdays 6:30 p.m. in the 150 Tremont, 2nd Floor Lounge

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What do RHA and NRHH do?

  • Develop student leaders
  • Advocate for resident students
  • Plan programs
  • Recognize excellence in residence life and students on campus
  • Attend regional and national conference to share ideas and network with RHA's in our region and the country
  • And work on service projects within the residence halls

Some of our popular programs:

  • Opening Night Ice Cream Social
  • Welcome Week Casino Night & Cruise
  • Haunt-fest
  • Skating and Hot Chocolate on the Frog Pond
  • Elevator Cash Cab
  • Pizza-vator
  • Movie Nights
  • Pie-Your-RA-in-the-Face
  • Just Dance (Wii) Nights
  • End of the year Casino Night


As the Suffolk University RHA, our mission is to enhance residential life through the programming of educational, social, and cultural; provide an opportunity for leadership development; and facilitate student and community engagements in the residential community. The RHA shall also serve to voice concerns of on-campus students in order to better the residential experience for all.