Add Funds

Deposit funds into your Ram Account online using a credit or debit card. Funds deposited online are credited to your Ram Account immediately.

Parents, add funds to your student's Ram Account online. First, click the parent link. Next, enter two zeroes, followed by your student's seven digit student ID number. Then, select the amount you wish to deposit.

Cash may be deposited at a Value Port located on the third floor of the Sawyer Building

Check and credit card deposits can be made at the Office of the Bursar located at 73 Tremont Street, 6th floor. Checks must be made payable to Suffolk University.

If mailing a check, include the student’s name and ID number, and mail it to:

Office of the Bursar
c/o John Connors
73 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02108

Credit card deposits through the Office of the Bursar require a signature and must be made in person. Such deposits will be credited to your Ram Account within one business day.

Recommended Ram Account Budget

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding the initial amount of money you would like to deposit into your Ram Account, such as:

  • Do you live on campus?
  • How many meals/snacks a day will you be eating while on campus?
  • Will you be making purchases at the bookstore?

Please note that all funds will roll over from semester to semester and from year to year. If you don't use all your money this semester, you always can in the next one!

Recommended Budget Range Low-Range Top-Range
 Textbooks   $500   $1,500
 Dining/Snacks   $100   $1,000
 Laundry   $0   $100
 Misc./copiers   $20   $200
 Total   $620   $2,800




Monitor Spending

For detailed account activity, as well as balance information, log onto The Service Portal.

Additionally, each time you make an off-campus purchase, your receipt will include your current balance. Upon request, on-campus cashiers will also provide receipts with balances. Balance information and transaction histories are also available at the Office of the Bursar located at 73 Tremont Street, 6th floor.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Immediately report your card lost or stolen to the University Police in the Sawyer Building’s lobby, or at The Service Portal to ensure that your Ram Account funds are not misspent. Once you have done so, your old card will be deactivated. You must also obtain a new ID from the University Police. This card will be activated the moment you receive it.

Terms and Conditions

You may pay for purchases using Ram Account funds as long as you are a member of the Suffolk community. Ram Account funds roll over from semester to semester and from year to year. There are no fees associated with the Ram Account. Ram Account funds, however, are not available for cash withdrawal. Upon graduating from or leaving Suffolk University, or after 24 months of inactivity, you will forfeit any remaining Ram Account funds. Ram Account deposits are nonrefundable.