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Sometimes it is hard not to live on a traditional college campus. With so much going on in the city, it is not easy to keep track of what is happening at Suffolk. There are so many offices, fliers, Twitter accounts, and friends who won’t stop talking about their upcoming shows - it’s overwhelming.

InstaRamSU is Suffolk University’s student-driven access to all things artsy, launched September 2012. InstaRamSU is a subsidiary of the office of Student Leadership and Involvement at Suffolk University, and we cover all campus events pertaining to the development of the arts on campus. These events may include auditions, exhibits, film screenings, galleries, performances, readings, and showcases. Events may be held by either academic or recreational organizations at Suffolk University.

InstaRamSU also covers events and available activities around the Boston campus that fall within the price range of students. Examples of these may include student discount tickets or other free days aimed specifically at college students.

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