The role of the student is to provide service in a committed, reliable, and enthusiastic manner, which will enhance the ability of the community partner  to fulfill its mission in a manner consistent with its regulations and principles. In addition to providing this service, the student is responsible for engaging in ongoing and structured reflection, which will help them to process their experiences at the community partner, connect those experiences to the course content, and contribute meaningfully and positively to the engaged classroom that they are helping to create.

The role of the Community Partner is to provide a safe, comfortable, and challenging opportunity for students to contribute to the work of the organization. The community partner should understand the learning goals of the service-learning class and the individual students, and provide the necessary resources, oversight, and support for the student and community partner clients to have a successful and collaborative experience. The community partner is responsible for clearly articulating its goals, expectations, and regulations.

The role of the service-learning faculty member will vary depending on the service-learning model used to teach the course. For instance, when a facility member is teaching a "pure" service-learning course, his/hers responsibility  is to support the collaborative work of his/her students and community partner(s) by providing adequate class time and resources to support the service learning project. The faculty member will help students make connections between theoretical/academic course content and the service experience, through both structured reflection activities or assignments, and mentoring.

The role of the Center for Community Engagement service-learning staff is to serve as a liaison between, and resource for, service-learning students, faculty, and community partners. The service-learning staff will coordinate placements and facilitate application and screening processes, assist with project monitoring and tracking of volunteer hours, administer assessments, and provide training for students, faculty, and community partners. The purpose and mission of the service-learning staff is to help those participating in service-learning projects achieve their goals, and to promote the development of civically-engaged students and a civically-engaged campus.