Suggestions for Service-Learning Syllabus Elements

Incorporating service learning project information into your syllabus is an important step in integrating the service component into the course. The project information helps clarify expectations and requirements for students, and streamline administrative processes. When writing about the service learning component in your course syllabus, consider including the following elements:

  • Is the service learning component optional or required? If it is optional, indicate how and by when students need to indicate that they are choosing this option, and whether the service learning component replaces other assignments.
  • The number of hours of service that each student must perform.
  • The learning objectives for the service learning placement. This can be a brief statement, which will help the students connect the service component to the academic learning objectives of the class.
  • A description of the community partner organizations (i.e. the organization’s mission, the population that they serve, etc.)
  • A description of the actual service component.
  • A description of the reflection activities connected to the service component (i.e. journal, class discussions, reflection papers, etc.)
  • Important dates, including:
    • Date by which students must elect to pursue the service learning option and/or their service site
    • Date of the service learning orientation
    • Date when students must submit required service learning paperwork
    • Dates when reflection assignments are due
    • Final date to complete service hours
    • The name, contact information, and office hours of your Service Learning Faculty Assistant
    • Location and contact information of the Center for Community Engagement

The University Service-Learning Committee has created a service-learning syllabus template to help guide you through this process.

Service Learning syllabi examples