Suffolk University Police and Security staff consists of:

  • Chief of Police
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant, Operations Commander
  • Lieutenant, Administration Commander & Emergency Management
  • 6 Sergeants, Shift Commanders
  • 1 Operations Officer
  • 1 Crime Prevention Officer
  • 16 Patrol Officers
  • 30 full-time security officers
  • 5 full-time non-sworn dispatchers
  • manager of campus card services
  • systems administrator
  • office coordinator
  • student security workers


All of our police officers must undergo 17 weeks of training at the Massachusetts State Police Academy and are licensed as special state police officers. In addition, every year Suffolk police officers complete 40 hours of in-service training in various law enforcement techniques, with certified instructors. A number of our officers are trained in sexual assault investigation, crime scene investigation, basic criminal investigation, fingerprinting and other specialties. All of our officers are trained in CPR, first aid, and automated defibrillation. Several officers are trained as Emergency Medical Technicians, and all our police officers are trained as first-responders. Several officers with specialized training make up our highly mobile and visible Bike Team.


All Suffolk University police officers are licensed under Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 22, section 63 by the State Police, granting them the same powers of arrest as a city or town police officer while on the property owned, used, or occupied by Suffolk University. All Suffolk University Police Officers are sworn Suffolk County Deputy Sheriffs which confers police powers throughout Suffolk County and allows our officers to act as valid law enforcement authorities in Suffolk County

Security officers are authorized by the University to enforce Suffolk University rules and regulations and to assist police officers to serve and protect this community.

We work closely with the Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police departments, and all other law enforcement agencies.