To report a crime or incident call University Police anytime at the following numbers:

General business:


617-573-8333 or 617-573-8113 (on campus 8333 or 8113)

Emergency only:


617-573-8111 (on campus 8111)

If you are without a phone and need to contact University Police, there are telephones at the entrances of most campus buildings that can be used for this purpose (dial 8333). Alternatively, Emergency Call Boxes are located outside of several buildings on campus and in all elevators. Don’t hesitate to use a call box whenever you need assistance or witness a crime or suspicious activity or whenever you feel that you are endangered.

University Police will respond to all reported incidents and crimes on Suffolk University property and will immediately notify the Boston or State Police of a crime that is reported to us that occurs off of Suffolk property. Police officers are directly connected to a BAPERN emergency Network System. Through crime watch meetings and arrangements with area off-campus police, crimes are monitored and recorded as required.

Suffolk University Police encourage students to program the emergency response number 911 and the Suffolk University Police emergency number 617-573-8111 into their cell phones.

We strongly encourage all members of the Suffolk community to place stickers with emergency and University Police contact numbers on all campus phones. For pre-printed stickers, contact us at 617-573-8333.

Sexual Assault


Suffolk University is prepared to responsibly respond to any report of sexual assault brought to our attention. Several of our police officers have been trained in responding to and investigating sexual assaultsĀ If you are a victim of sexual assault on campus, don’t hesitate to contact University Police. We are here to help.