Formerly known as the Students of Concern Program, Suffolk CARES works collaboratively with students, parents, faculty, staff, and other campus resources to provide support for students through a variety of challenges they may encounter while at Suffolk. Suffolk CARES seeks to assist students in finding the best resources for their individual needs. Suffolk CARES strives to empower students to advocate for themselves so that they may remain personally and academically successful.  

Suffolk CARES consists of a combination of resources and programs managed by the Director of Student Outreach and Support. 


CASE Management:

Staff members in the Student Affairs Office are available to consult with faculty, staff, students and family members who may be concerned about a student for any reason.

Student difficulties may present in a variety of ways while students are on campus, including poor class attendance, sporadic attendance at work-study jobs, difficulties with roommates, disturbing writings in homework assignments, and changes in behavior and personal habits.

While concerned about identifiying students who experience difficulties, the Student Affairs Office also works to ensure that all members of the campus community are able to learn, study, teach and live in an environment that supports academic and personal success. 

Appropriate referrals to the Student Affairs Office include:

  • Students who experience personal or academic difficulties that interfere with classroom success
  • Students who do not attend class(es) regularly or submit homework assignments in a timely fashion
  • Students who exhibit a poor attitude or behavior that warrants concern and/or whose behavior affects classroom decorum or the rights of other students
  • Students who have a personal or family concern that may be interfering with their classes
  • Students who may benefit from campus or community referrals or resources  


CARE Team:

To more effectively respond to concerns raised about individual students and/or to balance concerns for individual students with those of other members of the campus community, the Student Affairs Office meets regularly with the Campus Assessment Reponse and Evaluation Team also know as the CARE Team. This group includes representatives from other campus offices with frequent and direct access to students, as well as members of the faculty. With input from group members, efforts will be made to ensure that students can continue to successfully pursue their academic goals while not infringing on the rights of others to do the same. Interventions may occur in a variety of ways, including:

  • The identification of campus and community resources
  • Referrals for medical care and mental health support
  • Tutoring assistance or accommodations for students with documented disabilities
  • Consultation with family members and/or legal guardians with students’ prior written consent


Counseling Center


Staff in the Suffolk University Counseling Center are available for consultation about students with whom you are concerned about. Contact the Counseling Center at 617.573.8226 or visit 73 Tremont Street, fifth floor, to discuss any concerns you may have. Due to FERPA and HIPAA regulations, as well as Massachusetts state laws, the Center will only share confidential information about students with their prior written consent or if it is determined that they are at risk to harm themselves or others.