To review the Graduate Student Association finance policies please review their bylaws here: GSA_Finance_Bylaws.pdf

Activities Fees are distributed based on a written budget proposal from each Suffolk University Graduate Student Group prior to the start of each academic year. Upon each submission of a written budget proposal from a Graduate Student Group, the Graduate Student Association Executive Board members will conduct an unbiased review process and vote on the requested budget amount based on the provide proposal criteria and the total available funds for the academic year. Graduate student groups who fail to submit a proposal prior to the start of the academic year will be defaulted to only collect the pre-approved minimum funding amount.

All funding request forms should be completed no later than 12:00pm, Friday July 1 2016 and returned to the GSA President via email or in person. Assistance in completing the forms is offered by the Graduate Student Association. Attachments to include:

Budgets received after the deadline will automatically be granted the minimum $1,000 for the academic year and will not be able to submit a budget proposal until the following academic year.

Graduate Student Groups can request up to $2,250 per academic year (125% increase from the minimum budget).

Incomplete forms will not be accepted.