So Fit Challenge

The Mission




The first step is to register!  You can do this online at  

After registering you will be placed on an e-mail list to receive weekly updates on new and exciting online and in-person programs happening each week during the challenge.  We encourage you to complete wellness activities on your own as well as attend the Suffolk University programs.   

On the Monday after each completed week we will send you a short 10 question survey for completion.  Surveys must be submitted by NOON on the Monday after the completed week to be counted! We will not be scoring participants against each other, but will use the survey results to pick raffle ticket winners and overall active participants. 

Remember – honesty is always the best policy – we use an honor system, and cheating on the challenge is cheating yourself and your fellow Suffolk community members!

We hope you will join us and will have fun achieving your wellness goals and finding your balance!



How to Accrue Points

Look for the link in your weekly e-mail.  That link will take you to a 10 question survey which asks about your weekly activities such as exercising or attending a So Fit Wellness relaxation event.  This year So Fit Wellness Program events and activities done independently earn the same number of points and each person can earn a total of 10 points each week.



Personal Improvement Goal

In week 1 each participant is asked to set a personal improvement goal they would like to achieve by the end of the 30 days. At the end of the challenge we will ask participants if they were able to achieve their goal.



After the Challenge

Congratulate yourself!!! You did it!!! Congratulate anyone else you know who also participated!  During the challenge we will send information about the concluding event, we hope you'll want to register and attend that to celebrate.  Use the challenge as a starting point, continue looking for ways to “find your balance” to the best of your ability.