The Rosenberg Institute offers a number of events throughout the academic year.

Please click on the links below for more details about this year's events. Additional programs may be added over the course of the semester. All programs are presented in English. Welcome!

Past Events

Spring 2016

Date Event
Tuesday, February 2 Bridge to the East: a talk by Filmmaker Reggie Life
Tuesday, March 1 Photography Lecture: Aesthetics in Asia
Tuesday, April 5 Student Life in Indonesia
Thursday, April 21 Visiting Cambodia and Vietnam

Spring 2015

Fall 2014

Spring 2014


Date Event
Thursday, November 7 The Korean Peninsula: Challenge and Opportunity
Monday, October 28 China Town Hall
Thursday, October 24 Careers in Asia
Thursday, October 3 Asian and Asian-American Studies: Challenges and Opportunities
Tuesday, September 17 Liselotte Odgaard: Between Interaction and Coexistence: US and Chinese Strategies of World Order
Tuesday, September 17 Between Interaction and Coexistence: US and Chinese Strategies of World Order
Wednesday, September 11 The Chinese Exclusion Act: What It Can Teach Us About America
Wednesday, September 11 Ben Railton: The Chinese Exclusion Act: What It Can Teach Us About America
March 29 Merry White: "Coffeehouse Culture in Japan"
March 6 Andrew Lam: "East Meets West: Writing in Two Hemispheres"
February 22 Shirley Smith: "Italians in China: 1900-1947"
February 8 Peter Kiang: "Asian American Studies Perspectives on Health, Work, and Education"


Date Event
September 18 The Future of Chinese Seapower
October 4 Being an Asian-American in America
October 23 International Business in Asia Today
October 29 China Town Hall: Issues in United States - China Relations
中美關係 – 最近報告
October 30 China's New Leadership and the Bo Xilai Scandal
November 20 Social Outcast, Rebellious Critic: The World of Daizai Osamu
November 29 North Korea: The Father, The Son and The Sacred System
北韓: 父,子,與聖制
April 25 Confucian China in a Changing World Order
April 4 The Gwangju Uprising in Korea
March 26 Why Taiwan Matters
March 6 American Robots Help Fukushima Clean-up
February 21 China's Role in the Global Order
February 1 Public Health in Nationalist China, 1928-45


Date Event
November 16 China Town Hall
October 27 Stepping Forth into the World: The Chinese Educational Mission in the United States, 1872-81
October 25 Manchukuo and Colonial Culture in the 1930s
October 6 New England Chinese and the 1911 Revolution
September 29 Fukushima! Life in Japan After the Earthquake
September 27 Living and Working in China: Inside Advice from an American Executive in Shanghai
April 13 Zen Friends: Literary Friendships between Late Imperial Chinese Women Poets and Buddhist Nuns
March 21, March 23 Master Classes with Katsumi Yanagimoto
February 16 Beijing: The City Renewed
February 10 "I Love a Broad Margin to My Life" Maxine Hong Kingston Book Launch
February 9 Immigrants in America
January 27 Poetry Workshop with David McCann 


Date Event
November 18 The Enigma of Japanese Business
November 5 Burning Questions in Asian-American Studies
October 25 Sushi, Sushi
October 18 China Town Hall Forum
September 28 Hidden Warriors: Women on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
April 7 Can Japan Be an 'Asian' Power?
March 31 Asians in America
March 1 Challenges in Chinese Economic Development
February 3 China in World History
February 10 How the People of Hong Kong Celebrate the Chinese New Year


Date Event
December 3

Women Writers in Chinese History

September 21 Famine and Socialism: In China and the Soviet Union
November 5 Film Screening: Chai Qian
November 9 Tibet and China: How to Solve the Problems
April 16 Global Economic Implications of China's Sex Ratio Imbalance
April 14 Japanese Health Insurance and the Cosmetic Surgery Boom
April 8 Asian Film Series- Japan: To Live
March 24 North Korea: No Longer in the 'Axis of Evil
February 24 Globalization and Trade in Chinese History: Tea in the Borderlands
February 18 Asian Film Series- China: Postman in the Mountains
February 4 Asian Film Series- South Korea: Take Care of My Cat


Date Event
November 19 Human Rights and China inside and Outside
November 18 Confucius and Confucianism
October 8 Asian Film Series
April 8 Inaugural Event- Competing in Beijing: China and the 2008 Olympics




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