Continuing Education

The Suffolk University Psychology Department is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. The Psychology Department maintains responsibility for the program.

The goal of the continuing education program is to provide psychologists with access to resources that:

  1. Improve their competence in professionally relevant ways (e.g., enhance and refine existing clinical practice, teaching/training, and scientific endeavors);
  2. Make possible the acquisition of new skills and knowledge;
  3. Strengthen the habits of critical inquiry and balanced judgment; and
  4. Acknowledge and recognize their specific CE needs.

The content of continuing education is intended to develop, maintain, or increase conceptual and applied competencies that are relevant to psychological practice, education, and science. CE programs may include content related to well-established psychological principles, or may be based on content that extends current theory, method, and practice.

For more information, please contact the Psychology Department


Whether you're looking to take courses at the master's or doctoral level, Suffolk University has the classes you need to advance your studies. 
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