Sociology Pathway

The pathway for sociology majors with a concentration in crime & justice allows students to complete all requirements for the core and the major in years 1-3. Following successful admission, students begin their first year of law school in year four.

Consult the Academic Catalog for specific course options and the Law School website for admission information.

Pathway for Sociology Majors (Crime & Justice Concentration): BS/JD Option

Year 1

First-Year Writing I
Seminar for Freshmen
Math Core Requirement
Human Behavior and Societies Core Requirement (SOC-113 or SOC-116)*

First-Year Writing II
Quantitative Analysis (SOC-212)**
Ethical & Philosophical Inquiry Core Requirement

Year 2

Studies in Literature Core Requirement
STE Core Requirement
SOC-333 or SOC-214
Crime & Justice Elective

Social and Intellectual History Core Requirement
STE + Lab Core Requirement
Creativity & Innovation Core Requirement
SOC 214 or 333

Year 3

VPATH Core Requirement
Crime & Justice Elective
SOC Elective

Social, Cultural, & Global Perspectives Core Requirement***
Senior Seminar (SOC-433)
SOC Elective

*Although numerous courses satisfy the Human Behavior and Societies requirement, SOC-113 (Introduction to Sociology) or SOC-116 (Social Problems) will double count for both the Human Behavior and Societies and the Sociology Core Requirements.

**Although numerous courses satisfy the Quantitative Analysis requirement, SOC-212 (Statistics for Sociology) will double count for both the Quantitative Analysis and the Sociology Elective Requirements.

***Based on availability, selected courses may double count as a Social, Cultural, & Global Perspectives Requirement and a Sociology Elective Requirement.