Chemists are architects. They deal with the composition of nonliving things—from textiles to oil and petroleum to the atmosphere—essentially, everything that we touch and see. Their “building blocks” are atoms and molecules.

Biochemistry is a bridge between biology and chemistry. This “hybrid” major focuses on the composition of living things. You’ll examine topics like how humans derive nutrients from food, how diseases evolve, and why plants thrive in certain environments.

Majors with Major Impact

Suffolk’s Chemistry and Biochemistry majors offer an intensive, laboratory-based curriculum paired with unparalleled opportunities for independent research in one of the world’s most scientifically advanced cities. Our faculty will connect you with Boston’s premier labs and medical schools and the internships they offer. Your professors will also provide crucial advice if you apply for National Science Foundation Fellowships, which allow you to participate in funded summer research projects here and across the country. Suffolk students go on to work in laboratories and hospitals here in Boston and beyond; others pursue graduate degrees in medicine and forensics.

Practical Experience in a World-Class City

Boston is known for its extraordinary hospitals and laboratories. Scientific pioneers come here from all over the world to work at and receive treatment in these medical facilities, while the city’s laboratories are responsible for breakthroughs in cancer research, HIV/AIDS, and more. Go ahead and take full advantage of our strong ties to these innovative organizations—many of which are just steps from campus.