Our unique expertise is in the integration of women's health and women's human rights; our specific areas of expertise cluster into five areas:

Women's Health Policy and Politics:

  • Human Rights of Pregnant and Birthing Women
  • Women and Health Care Coverage
  • Women, Illness and Incarceration
  • The Politics of Breast Cancer

Women's Experiences of Health and Health Care:

  • Socio-Cultural Aspects of Maternal Health and Well-being
  • What Makes Women Sick: Cross-Cultural Insights
  • Lesbian Reproduction and Motherhood
  • Women and Holistic Healing

Human Rights Implementation:

  • Barriers and Possibilities for US Ratification of CEDAW, the UN Women's Rights Treaty
  • Women's Health and Human Security
  • Integrating International Human Rights Standards Into State and Local Policy
  • Peacebuilding with Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security
  • Sub-National Possibilities for Advancing Human Rights in the United States
  • Torture: The Ultimate Violation of Health and Human Rights

The Arts as a Pathway to Women's Health and Human Rights:

  • Creative Processes as Vehicles for Women's Empowerment and Healing
  • Voices and Visions: Women's Empowerment and Healing Through Art and Poetry

Human Rights Education for Classroom and Community:

  • Human Rights Documentation and Service Learning
  • Using Human Rights in the Classroom
  • Human Rights 101: Introduction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Using Human Rights Documentation to Build Community Awareness