French isn’t just a beautiful language; it’s a useful one. French speakers are in demand. France has the fourth-largest world economy, and more than 300 million people speak French worldwide. That number is predicted to spike to almost 500 million by 2025. Suffolk graduates often leverage their fluency with careers in banking, diplomacy, finance, and tourism management.

You’re invited to tailor your major to a specific focus: French or French Studies. French focuses primarily on language, literature, and civilization. French Studies is broader, with an English-speaking foundation and interdisciplinary choices that pertain to French culture.

The French Department is close-knit across both tracks. In this collaborative environment, you’ll enjoy weekly roundtable discussions called “Table Francais,” frequent cultural events, lectures, and movie screenings. Suffolk is also known for its supportive tutoring program, spearheaded by international students from French-speaking countries.

Economics and French

Some students combine the major with economics or international relations for an extra edge. The Department of World Languages partners with the Department of Economics to offer a double major in French and international economics, making you especially competitive in the job market.

La Sorbonne and CAVILAM Institute in Vichy

La Sorbonne is one of the oldest and most respected universities worldwide. Suffolk’s unique partnership allows you to study here for a semester or a year. You’ll enjoy cultural and linguistic immersion, residing with a host family while studying at the school’s historic Latin Quarter campus, coupled with the prestige of a Sorbonne education.

Additionally, Suffolk has partnered with the world-class CAVILAM Institute to offer intensive four- and eight-week courses in French. You’ll live among fellow students or with a host family for a truly holistic experience. The campus is in the heart of France, a three-hour train trip from Paris and two hours from Lyon.