It’s not often that a student’s work is seen and lauded worldwide—that usually comes later in a designer’s career. But for Graphic Design graduate student Nadine Dafrawy, international recognition came a bit sooner than expected when her infographic about Egypt’s first political satirist went viral.

Suffolk’s Graphic Design graduate program encourages students to engage with contemporary issues and ideas. For one of their first projects this semester, Program Director Rita Daly tasked students in her Graphic Design II class with creating a compelling infographic to illustrate a set of facts about a city.

Dafrawy chose her home city of Cairo with the goal of illustrating the changes caused by the events of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. By looking at the city with a focus on the ”Egyptian Jon Stewart,” Bassem Youseff, Dafrawy was able to communicate the increased freedom of speech gained through the revolution. In the process, her fellow students had the opportunity to learn about contemporary Egyptian culture and the importance of the events of 2011.

Dafrawy posted her design on Facebook and from there it went viral. The infographic became so popular that she was offered VIP tickets to a taping of Bassem Youseff’s show. Busy with her studies in Boston, she gave the tickets to her parents, also huge fans of the show.

Now that she has her first viral campaign under her belt, Dafrawy is even more excited about her future career as a Graphic Designer. View Dafrawy's entire infographic here.