NESAD Grads: Out in the World

October 14 - November 10, 2013
Organized in conjunction with Suffolk's Homecoming Weekend, Oct. 17-20

Opening Event: Thursday, October 17 5:00 p.m.
Panel discussion: exhibiting alumni and current students - Reception to follow

At New England School of Art & Design, faculty are deeply engaged with their students. The connection between students and their teachers works in both directions, and often remains long after the academic experience ends - as a professional relationship, or as a philosophical or creative influence. What a professor shares with a student, perhaps even casually, may have a lasting imprint on the life and career of that person.

Nurtured here, this group of alumni carries with them a passion for their chosen field, the skills to express themselves and their ideas, and the discipline to realize them. They have the all-important ability to communicate and connect with the larger world through relevant art and design.

The exhibition represents all areas of study at New England School of Art & Design, including Illustration, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Interior Architecture and Fine Art

Suffolk University Gallery

75 Arlington Street, Boston, MA
617-573-8785 |

Images (left to right): Max Martelli, James Manning, John Roman