The American Society of Interior Designers—New England honored two Suffolk graduate students with Excellence in Design Awards during the chapter’s annual meeting in September.

Farida Kaizar Sadliwala received two awards—in the Student Residential and Contract-Retail categories, and Lilit Revazian won in the Student Contract Corporate category. The two are students in the master of arts in interior architecture program at Suffolk’s New England School of Art & Design.

The American Society of Interior Designers—New England  event honored winners in 18 categories for work judged as demonstrating the highest level of excellence.

Lilit Revazian's STAYRevazian’s winning project "STAY," an innovation and collaboration workspace, was designed for the lobby area at 75 Arlington St., Boston, the home of the art & design school.

“The challenge was to redesign the lobby area into an exciting facility to host team-working activities, meetings, events, brainstorming sessions, and friendly discussions over lunch while also maintaining easy circulation and providing access to existing services and rooms,” writes Revazian. Her design concept encourages collaboration and teamwork through unique and inviting interior layouts, friendly furniture arrangements and islands of comfortable seating.

Farida Kaizar Sadliwala's retail store and family residenceSadliwala’s winning retail project required her to take an existing brand to a new location, revamping the brand identity to suit a specific audience and its needs. She selected Arabian Oud, a fragrance and perfume retailer and manufacturer based in the Middle East.

“The design concept was based on the idea of a journey -- from a modern contemporary Western atmosphere to an intimate Arabesque experience,” writes Sadliwala. “In keeping with the mysticism and mystery of the scents, screens are used to divide the floor space and lit to create a shadow pattern. Fragrance products are divided into zones that correspond to the classical elements of nature: wind, water, earth, and fire.”

Sadliwala also won an excellence award for a design for a private residence on Beacon Hill. The theoretical client was a family relocating to Boston after spending many years in the Mediterranean.

“Using an infusion of the East and West, this home was designed to be reminiscent of the family’s Mediterranean background yet something that would fit well within Beacon Hill,” she writes. “This was achieved by keeping a neutral color palette throughout the house and inserting color punches in each room.”