The Suffolk University Gallery presents Mathematics and Art: Searching for Pattern, the second exhibit in the Suffolk University Gallery fall Art + Science + Design series, from Dec. 1, 2016, through Jan. 22, 2017.

Co-curators George Fifield and Deborah Davidson have brought together a range of responses to the idea of artists’, mathematicians’, and scientists’ searching for pattern. The works in the Mathematics and Art: Searching for Pattern exhibit range from those that are computer generated, to 3-D sculpture, painting, drawing, and animation.

The exhibit is itself an expression of the many ways artists and scientists respond visually and otherwise to the influence of the principles of mathematics. Some of the artists have math backgrounds, some a long fascination with patterns and symbols. Several of the participants are scientists who have become captivated with the possibilities of creating computer-generated images that are visually compelling and allude to science as well. The rapidly developing technology of 3D printing has become a tool used widely by both artists and scientists.

As participating artist Phil Webster so succinctly says: “I believe we all share at some level an innate appreciation for symmetry and pattern.”