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Seminar for Freshmen Mission Statement

The Seminar for Freshmen program began in 2005 and represents a cornerstone of the College of Arts & Sciences enhanced curriculum. The program provides incoming first-year students with a four-credit course taught by full-time faculty in the manner of an upper-class seminar. Each course is limited to 25 students in order to encourage a high level of student-to-student and student-to-faculty interaction. The mission of the Seminar for Freshmen program is to introduce first-year students to the intellectual rigors of college-level work; to assist students as they transition from high school to the university; and to prepare students for continued academic success. Seminars are writing-intensive and designed to foster critical thinking skills. They reflect a liberal arts approach to education and encourage students to participate in cultural and intellectual activities and events outside of the classroom, both at Suffolk University and in the greater Boston community.

Seminar for Freshmen Goals

  • Seminars will encourage cultural and intellectual activities, events outside the classroom, and/or guest speakers.
  • Through advising and class instruction, seminar instructors will familiarize students with the systems and structures at Suffolk University and the network of resources available to promote intellectual and personal success, such as:
    • Ballotti Learning Center
    • Blackboard
    • Distinguished Visiting Scholars Program
    • Ford Hall Forum
    • Library
    • Math and Computer Science Support Center
    • My Suffolk
    • Student Counseling Center
    • Suffolk Email
    • Writing Center
    • Tutoring Center
  • Seminars will expect students to participate verbally in class discussion and/or formal presentations.
  • Seminar students will learn how to analyze course texts.
  • Seminar students will demonstrate critical thinking skills at the synthesis level in their written work.